About Heaton Construction

History and Legacy

Construction Approach

We would like to assure you that we possess the required skills and experience, along with a fresh and innovative attitude for a successful construction relationship process. We also pledge that we will deliver a full-service product that will meet or exceed all your quality, budget, schedule and owner satisfaction criteria. Heaton Construction Inc. pursues all projects as an equal Partner/ Team Member. We are a company committed to a team approach within both our organization and partnering owners and architects. Our project delivery team includes all resources and personnel we have up to and including the ownerships personal involvement.

Utilizing The Team Approach

By utilizing the team approach, we believe our level of commitment and attention will far exceed what you may receive from another contractor. We have at our disposal trusted experts from many areas of the construction industry that can be utilized in our team approach when needed. The Project Manager and Site Superintendent have the support and resources of everyone in our organization. Our Project Team will ensure satisfactory and predictable job performance and completion of all work elements during the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases. Another key to our design and construction excellence is the impressive staff of Senior Management, Administrative and Supervisory personnel in our organization. Combined, our professional staff has over 325 years of related design and contracting experience.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities for construction design are based on previous Design/Build Projects, Value Engineering cost reduction efforts, and engineered changes which occur throughout the various projects. Our Project Managers consistently use, and are highly proficient with, our in-house Auto Cad programs and several interactive vendor computer design programs. We also consistently collaborate with local Professional Engineers and Architects to prepare sealed civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural drawings and specs for testing, shop drawings, resolution of design discrepancies, code compliance, and other similar tasks during contract performance. We have used these methods on many varied project scopes that were completed ahead of schedule even though some critical time constraints, changes, obstacles and challenges existed.

Heaton Construction History

Three-generation family business

As a successor firm to our Halifax County NC family business organized in 1983, Heaton Construction Inc. is a three-generation family business with more than 30 years of continuous design and construction experience, including over 25 years as a North Carolina Licensed General Contractor. Heaton Construction Inc. was organized in the year 2000 as a privately-owned North Carolina corporation.

Projects in NC, SC, and VA

Our resume includes projects located over the entire state of North Carolina as well as Virginia and South Carolina. We have many great working relationships with subcontractors, large and small, who perform jobs throughout the region.

Strategic Location

Our corporate headquarters in Roanoke Rapids, NC is a strategic location for North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina projects. We make it a practice to employ site superintendents who reside in close proximity to our projects, therefore assuring you timely responses to any situation that may arise on site.

Unlimited, Unclassified Licensed Contractor

As a multi-state Unlimited, Unclassified Licensed Contractor, Heaton has experienced continued commercial market growth over the past twenty years. We have an impeccable record of performing our building contracts without a material discrepancy in performance, quality, safety, budgetary limits, timely completion, and customer satisfaction. Hundreds of public and private projects have been completed since our inception, with revenue’s exceeding well over one hundred million dollars. We strive to keep a steady inventory of work, to maintain our annual revenue goals. We have participated in numerous and varied public projects including the NC Community College System, Public School Renovation and New Construction, Industrial Facilities, Town Municipal Facilities, Renovation of Public Historic Properties, County Government Facilities as well as Multi-Purpose, Athletic, Aquatic and Entertainment Facilities. Heaton Construction has also become a leader in Green Building Construction with several LEED certified building projects in our portfolio.

Excellent Record

This excellent record has been achieved with continuous company growth in the areas of financial capability, key personnel capabilities, job size and complexity, subcontractor selection, management and overall construction design and technical capability.

Growth and Success

The growth and success of our company is also based on our goal of achieving sufficient returns for our work, while still being competitive in public project environment. We have been able to achieve this by consistently completing our projects on or below budget. This allows us to build a solid financial basis for bonding, insurance, cash-flow, credit, and project retainage. Our solid financial capabilities are confirmed by the excellent bonding, credit and banking relationships that we have developed.